The choice of an Integrity trawler yacht is also depending on what your plans are regarding the area where you are sailing. Integrity trawleryachts have the seakeeping characteristics of a displacement hull. A displacement yacht in the 34-62 feet range will be capable of maintaining speeds between 6-12 knots. The fuel consumption is in balance with these speeds and economic. When planning coastal cruising with the safety of a true passagemaker, the Integrity trawler is your ideal ship.
We could inform you about the principles regarding seaworthy and stability of our ships.

There are 3 important parameters;

  • Speed/length ratio (S/L)
  • Above water/below water ratio(A/B)
  • Displacement/length ratio (D/L)

A view remarks

D/L is calculated with full load(including fuel,water,interior).The shorter the vessel the higher is the D/L. More heavily built boats will be more comfortable. A 48ft Lwl boat should have a ratio of 255.
S/L when more then 1.34 it needs great amounts of additional power. The figure between 1.0 and 2.0 are displacement hulls. Ideal for long range cruising are figures between 1.0 and 1.5., S/L figures above 2.0 are planing hulls. A S/L ratio between 1.1 and 1,2 gives the most economic fuel/speed consumption.
A/B the lower ratiofigure the better. Oceangoing passagemakers should have ratio's between 2.1 and 2.7.

For your information the ratio's for the Integrity 550 Coastal express A/B 2.3 , D/L 482 , S/L 1.29 (cruising 8 knots).

Our polyester hulls are under the waterline protected with vinylester resin for the first 4 layers of lamination( protects against Osmosis) .We use longitudinal stringers & transverse frames gives the hull a very stiff character.We do a hand-lay-up and produce single skin strong hulls. The deck and upperstructure are build according to the sandwich methods. Our keel is full protected and the rudder is an integral part of the keel and has a "rudder shoe".

Integrity yachts are semi-custom build

The idea of the customer can be incorporated from an interiordesign and technique point of view. The price/quality is very competitive in the extensive standard specifications. We use strong engines, mainly Cummins. We offer good after salesservice organised by local experts. We have an exclusive modelline and the Integrity is not like "13 in a dozen ". Coastal express and Eurotrawler, models 550CE,,380F, 350S 47XL  received positive tests by professional journalists.

The interiors of all our ships are spacious and offers a lot of storagespace and large outside livingarea's . The quality of finish is high.

Integrity yachts, seaworthy comfort and luxury, your best choice.